Nathaniel L Baker, M.S.

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Public Health Sciences

Medical University of South Carolina

Charleston, SC

An approximate answer to the right problem is worth a good deal more than an exact answer to an approximate problem. ~John Tukey

All those who drink of this remedy recover in a short time, except those whom it does not help, who die. Therefore, it is obvious that it fails only in incurable cases. ~Galen (c. 100 A.D.)

Professional Profile:

I am currently a research biostatistician within the Department of Public Health Sciences. The Department is housed within the College of Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. I completed my undergraduate work at Augusta State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Minor work in Chemistry (2005). In the time between my undergraduate and graduate work, I taught High School Mathematics at Hephzibah High School in Hephzibah, Georgia. I followed teaching by completing my Master of Science in Biostatistics from the Medical College of Georgia (2008). My Masters thesis was completed under the guidance of Varghese George, PhD.

My research interests include statistical modeling of correlated data and statistical graphic techniques and their application to the mechanisms of substance use and abuse; particularly sex differences. Additionally, I am working on the influence of the measurement of clinical outcomes in substance abuse research and how their precision affects clinical interpretation of study results.

Contact Information:

Address: Nathan Baker
	 135 Cannon Street Suite 303 
         Charleston SC 29425
Phone:   843-792-5028 

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MUSC DPHS Department of Public Health Sciences, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
HSSC Health Sciences South Carolina
NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse
SESUG SouthEast SAS Users Group
ASA American Statistical Association