Our Gÿsi / Giese / Geesey Lineage

Kanton Basel, Switzerland

York Co., PA
Frederick Co., MD

Gysin Coat of Arms

The Gysi family has a long history in Canton Basel, Switzerland dating from the late 14th Century. Read about the early history of the Gysi Family in a Report by Werner Hug, Familienchronik: Gysin Gisin Gysi Gisi. December 1998. 

This is the Coat of Arms for the Gysin family of Hölstein, Canton Basel-Land, Switzerland (WebLink).  According to the web site it was created in 1980 for Mrs. M. Kielholz-Müller of Gossau.  The web site also has Gysin Coats of Arms for other towns in Baselland, Switzerland.


Gÿsi/Giese Immigrants

I have identified many Gÿsi/Giese immigrants from Switzerland to America in the 17th and 18th Centuries.

My Gÿsi/Giese/Geesey Lineage

This lineage was developed from research conducted by Dr. Fritz Braun of Heidelberg University and commissioned by Titus Geesey in the 1950s. We suspect that there are some problems with the first few generations, but until we can conduct more research in Switzerland, this is the best information we have available. We are especially concerned that Adam was more than 50 years old when Heinrich was born. A generation might be missing between these two men.

1. Peter Gÿsi (1565-?)

Peter was born about 1565 in Hölstein, Waldenburg District, Canton Basel, Switzerland (Map). He married Elizabeth Böri at the Reformed Church (photos) on 26 August 1588 in Hölstein. They had six children: Hans (12 October 1589), Jacob (17 October 1591), Anna (28 October 1593), Verena (19 October 1595), Margareth (7 August 1597), and an unnamed child (22 July 1599). Peter died in Hölstein.

2. Jacob Gÿsi (1591-?)

Jacob was born 17 October 1591 in Hölstein, Waldenburg District, Canton Basel, Switzerland. He married Anna Heinrich, born in nearby Lampenberg, daughter of Hans Heinrich and Anna Boeri. They had 1 child, Adam. Jacob died in Hölstein.

3. Adam Gÿsi (1626-1709)

Adam was born 31 March 1626 in Hölstein, Waldenburg District, Canton Basel, Switzerland. He married Ursla Martin about 1650. They had 3 children: Heinrich (1679), Jacob (1681), and Johannes.  Following the devastation left by the 30 Years' War (1618-1648) in southwestern Germany (Map), Adam, like many other Swiss, moved to Hassloch, Pfalz in the late 17th Century (Map).  At the time of his death (20 June 1709) he was known as "the Old Swiss" and was recorded as such in the church records of the Reformed Church in Hassloch (photo).

4. Heinrich Gÿsi (1679-?)

Heinrich was born about 1679 in Hölstein, Waldenburg District, Kanton Basel, Switzerland. He moved with his parents to Hassloch, Pfalz where he is listed as a swine herder.  He married Maria Magdalena Burchard on 11 November 1704 at the Reformed Church in Hassloch.  They had 6 children. Heinrich died in Hassloch.

5. Johann Conradt Giese, Sr. (1718-1802)

Conradt was born 27 March 1718 in Hassloch, Pfalz. He married Anna Barbara Werles in Hassloch on 15 April 1738. They had 2 daughters before emigrating to America in 1741.  Anna Barbara died in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania about 1742. Conradt established a farm in York Township, York County, and married Maria Agatha Bär, daughter of Johann Ulrich Bär and Anna Klein, about 1745 in York Co., PA. Maria was born 28 February 1720 in Ittlingen, Pfalz. They had 4 sons and 2 daughters. She died 17 December 1787 in York Township, York County, Pennsylvania. Conradt also married Magdalena Schwartz on 15 February 1791 in York Township, York County, Pennsylvania.

6. Johannes Jacob Giese (1755-1830)

John was born 1 April 1755 in York Township, York County, Pennsylvania. He died 4 April 1830 in York County, Pennsylvania and was buried in Blymires Cemetery, Dallastown, York Township, York County, Pennsylvania. He married Anna Catharine Blymire, daughter of Georg Martin Bleymeyer and Catharine Rub, about 1778. They had 12 children.

7. John Jacob Giese (1791-1866)

John was born 17 October 1791 in York Co., PA and was baptised 10 November 1791 in Blymires Church, Dallastown, York Co., PA. John married Maria Elizabeth Flinchbaugh on 29 July 1819 in German Reformed Church., York, York County. They had 9 children. He died 10 February 1866 in Dallastown, York County and was buried in Blymires Cemetery, Dallastown, York County, Pennsylvania.

8. Edwin Daniel Geesey (1836-1900) Civil War Veteran

Edwin Daniel was born 7 August 1836 in Dallastown, York Township, York County, Pennsylvania. Edwin married Mary Ann Felty on 25 August 1859 in Pennsylvania. They had 8 children. Edwin died 21 February 1900 in Woodsboro, Frederick County, Maryland.

9. Edwin Felty Geesey (1869-1960)

Edwin Felty was born 10 July 1869 in Woodsboro, Frederick County, Maryland. Laborer and Basketmaker. Edwin married Cora Mandella Shank about 1897. Cora was born 30 August 1872. They had 2 children. She died 10 March 1903. Edwin married Florence Elsie Smith on 28 November 1906 in Harrisburg, York County, Pennsylvania. They had 2 children. Edwin Felty died 24 May 1960.

10. Alton Luther Geesey (1907-1984)

Alton was born 6 December 1907 in Baltimore, MD. Pharmacist. Mason. Alton married Esther Amanda Miller on 6 September 1930. They had 2 children. Alton died 25 July 1984 in Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland.

11. Roger Alan Geesey (1936-2009)

Roger (my father) was born in Hagerstown, Maryland. He married Alice Elaine Frischknecht on 6 September 1958 in Summit, New Jersey. They have 3 children, Mark, Brenda, and David.

12. Mark Edwin Geesey (born 1960)

I was born in Rome, New York and married Maria Elaina Bondura on 4 September 1993 in Edgewood, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. We have 2 children, Kyle Edwin and Cosette Ann (born 2000).

13. Kyle Edwin Geesey (born 1998)

Kyle was born 12 May 1998 in Mount Pleasant, Charleston County, South Carolina.

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Information about the early Gÿsi generations in Europe came from work furnished by Dr. Fritz Braun and commissioned by Titus Cornelius Geesey in the 1950s. The early history of the Geesey Family in America came from Titus' booklet "The Giese/Geesey/Keesey Family in America" published in 1935.

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