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Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer, PhD                                                                                    

Director of Biostatistics

Hollings Cancer Center                                                                                         

Medical University of South Carolina                                                                            

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My research activities focus on biostatistics in cancer research.  A large fraction of my time is spent collaborating with oncologists designing and analyzing clinical trials.  In designing a trial, I determine the most efficient way to answer the clinical question of interest, including how many patients should be studied, and how the trial will be conducted.  The analysis consists of applying statistical methods to determine if, for example, the new treatment helped patients survive longer than they would have on another treatment. I also work on laboratory-based studies, including the exploration of the relationship between genetic markers and cancer incidence and progression.  There are numerous types of trials and studies within the Cancer Center and so the analytic methods that I use and the scientific questions I address are quite varied.

My methodologic research relates closely to my applied interests.  My primary statistical research areas of interest are in early phase studies.  Specifically, I work on methods for finding efficient dose escalation designs and on new trial designs that allow early stopping when the primary outcome of interest is time to disease progression. 


Recent youtube video  about interactions between biostatisticians and basic science researchers:  how NOT to do it!


Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer, PhD

Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology

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Talks from the 2011 Society for Clinical Trials Meeting for the Invited Session:  Frequentist, Bayesian and Likelihood designs for a Phase II Cancer Trial with a Time-to-Event Endpoint:  Head to Head Comparison of Three Philosophies of Trial Design

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