B. Lawson Andrew Lawson Picture
Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Department of Public Health Sciences
135 Cannon St Suite 303 MSC835
Charleston SC, 29401-8350


Biographical Information:
1973 MA University of Aberdeen, UK
1975 MSc Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
1987 MPhil University of Leeds, UK
1991 PhD University of St Andrews, UK

epidemiology; spatial statistics


My research interests lie in the area of spatial and environmental statistics, and in particular, spatio-environmental epidemiology. This area includes disease mapping, ecological analysis, and the analysis of clustering of disease. I also have interests in other areas of epidemiology, directional data analysis, and object recognition from imaging and geostatistical estimation of random fields with applications in geology, geosciences and medical science.

I am a WHO advisor in Disease Mapping and Risk Assessment, and have a wide range of publications in this area.

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